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Information sheet for participant
Study title: Predictive Validity, Retest Reliability and Cross-rater Agreement of Personality Nuances
Principal Investigator: Rene Mõttus
Researcher collecting data: Shivani Khanna, Raffaele Gidoro
What is this document? This document explains the study we are carrying out, what your rights are, and what will be done with your data. You should print this page for your records.
Nature of the study. In this study, you will be asked to complete two personality questionnaires containing approximately 270 questions.
Before participating, you are required to select one person (your informant) who you know well (it could be a partner, a friend or a relative) and who also wishes to participate in this study. Please note: Neither you nor your informant will be able to view each other's answers
You can only participate in this study once. This part of the study shall take approximately 50 minutes
The first questionnaire (the self-questionnaire) will require you to reflect on your own personality, thus, answers should be based on what you think of yourself. In this part, most questions relate to personality, but a few others are about your demographics, including age, gender, nationality, height and weight. The second questionnaire (called informant questionnaire) should be completed thinking about your informant’s personality and only contains questions regarding personality. Furthermore, you will also be asked if you would like to receive feedback on your own personality, on the extent to which your personality matches your informant’s and also on how well you know your informant. Feedback on the latter two will only be given if your informant also wishes to receive this.
Once you provide us with your informant's email address, your informant will receive an email with the link to the study at the email address that you provide for them. Please, ensure that they know about this and check their email.
Please note: Should any problem arise, you can contact us, and we will provide you with another link. It is not important that your informant completes the study immediately after receiving the link. However, it is recommended that this is completed within a week.
After two weeks you will be requested to complete the self-questionnaire only again. However, this will also be voluntary. This is done individually, therefore, you do not need to ask your informant to do the same.
Compensation. When you finish the first session of the study you will enter a prize draw. Two lucky participants will win 100£ each.
Risks and benefits. There are no expected risks arising from taking part in this study. Remember that the extent to which your personalities match is not a measure of your compatibility. People with similar or different personalities can get along equally well.
Confidentiality and use of data. All the information we collect during the course of the research will be processed in accordance with Data Protection Law. The data we collect will not be used by anyone to link you to any of the identifying information you supply (e.g. email address), except for the researchers, who will use it to send feedback. When not anonymous, no one except the researchers will be able to view your data, as these will be stored in the FormR website that requires login credentials and in password-protected computers.
When data collection is complete, all data will be anonymized. From that time on, there will be no record that links the data collected from you with any personal data from which you could be identified (e.g., email address etc.). Once anonymized, these data may be made available to researchers via accessible data repositories and possibly used for novel purposes. This is because, increasingly, journals and funding agencies are requesting or even compelling researchers to upload data to a public repository.
What are my data protection rights? The University of Edinburgh is a Data Controller for the information you provide. You have the right to access information held about you. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with Data Protection Law. You also have other rights including rights of correction, erasure and objection. For more details, including the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office, please visit www.ico.org.uk. Questions, comments and requests about your personal data can also be sent to the University Data Protection Officer at dpo@ed.ac.uk.
Voluntary participation and right to withdraw. Your participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw from the study without giving explanations. You would still receive compensation for your effort. You can decide not to consent to having your data included in further analyses. This should be requested by email within two weeks after both sessions are complete. Your specific information will not appear anywhere in the reports of this project.
If you have any questions about what you’ve just read, please feel free to ask, or contact us later. You can contact us by email at rene.mottus@ed.ac.uk or S.Khanna-3@sms.ed.ac.uk and R.Gidoro@sms.ed.ac.uk. If you have questions or comments regarding your rights as a participant, you may communicate them at 0131 650 4020 or ppls.ethics@ed.ac.uk.
By proceeding below:
1.       I agree to participate in this study.
2.       I confirm that I have read and understood how my data will be stored and used.
3.       I understand that I have the right to terminate this session at any point. If I choose to withdraw after completing the study, within two weeks from the last session I completed, my data will be deleted at that time.